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Pre heated water pump set for cookers

Pasta Cooker Pre Heating Water System

Pasta Cooker Pre heating water system

Customer Requirements:

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd was recently asked to design a system by which water could be preheated quickly and efficiently to a temperature of 75 degrees C. The reason that this system was needed was because our customers pasta cooker was not heating in an efficient timescale from 0-100 degrees.

In addition, we had to design a system that could be lifted into position through the roof.

Work Carried Out:

We built a system that could pre heat the water to 75 Degrees C in 10 minutes. Once at this temperature, we enabled the water to be fed by the system into a pasta cooker in production. This meant that the pasta cooker only had to heat the water to the remaining 25 degrees C, which it was capable of doing.

Once the cooker was up to temperature, the cook could begin, and our system would start pre heating the next batch of water ready for the next cook.

The system also had to have a bespoke rectangular footprint. This was so that the pumpset could be lifted into position through the roof for it to be installed in the roof space. Therefore, the size of the unit had to be smaller than a roofing panel so it could be lowered into position. The feet of the pumpset had to pick up on structural beams. Due to the fact that it was installed in the roof space, the weight had to be evenly distributed.

You can see the system once built in our workshop as well as in situ linked up to the pasta cooker, from the photographs included.


The result was that we designed and built a system that preheats the water from 10 to 75 degrees C in 10 minutes. The customer has now reduced the wait time between cooks and can now achieve more cooks per day.

Why Choose H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd:

We have the skills and expertise to design and build bespoke systems that not just meet but surpass our customers’ requirements and expectations. Even when the logistics of installing a system can be challenging, as was the case with this project, we can work around it.

If you would like to discuss how we can design and build your bespoke system heating or disinfection system to your precise requirements, please call us on +44 (0) 1606 49845.

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