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Chilled water deluge with CIP

Chilled water & Cleaning dosing system

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd recently designed a system that will produce chilled water to multiple spray ball in a spiral chiller in order to chill the product sachets down as they go through production. The chilled water is made up in a conical tank and is dosed with a very low concentration of Peracetic acid to prevent bug growth. The water is kept chilled by circulating the tanks water through a plate heat exchanger.

The system is also designed to clean the spiral and belts when not in production. For this, the tank is filled with water and heated through steam injection and mixed with caustic until the required conductivity. The Peracetic acid is also used on the cleaning cycle for disinfection.

To make this system the most efficient and to minimise water usage and chemical usage the liquid (either on chilled cycle or cleaning) is recovered in a trough and pumped back to our unit so that there is a constant recirculation loop.

The chilled water cycle will be used the most frequently as this is used all through production. When cleaning is selected the system will dump any remaining chilled water, refill with water, and start to heat to the required temperature.

You can see from the photographs the system that we built which was made according to the requirements of our customer.

Why Choose H & M Disinfection?

We work closely with our customers to fully understand the nature of what they need and how we can build a system that works with their existing equipment. What we design and build is tailored to our customers’ requirements.

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd can build systems that are adaptable and can be used for several different purposes to clean and disinfect, as was the case with this project. We provide innovative solutions.

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