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IBC Washing Machine

System Description & Function
High efficiency, modular design

Machine Structure

The machine body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and consists of:

  • structure to enclose pumps
  • column to support and move in/out the washing head
  • control panel

Hydraulic System

The machine works with water and specific cleaners, according to the product to be washed away.  In order  to reduce energy consumption and to optimize the whole cleaning process the pump pressure is adjustable by means of an inverter. The main washing pump is a multistage pump with AISI 304 body that grants constant and regular solvent flow. The washing circuit is engineered and manufactured to be able to resist to chemicals and pressure and the machine is equipped with filters to retain main particles of soil, to protect the pumps and the washing nozzle. Two ore more stocking tanks can be are provided for water storage, alternatively the machine can be connected to existing storage tanks.


The machine is electro-pneumatic operated, 3 phase electric connection and compressed air is needed to run it. A PLC based logic drives the process,  the operator can select different cycle times and parameters.

Tanks size allowed to be washed

Standard plastic IBCs of 1000l and 600l capacity with top hole of 150 and 250 mm.

Preparing to Wash

The operator places the IBC to be washed into the machine, connects connects the return hose, brings down the cover to place the washing head in position: START button can be pushed to commence the cycle.

Washing Cycle

After START has been pushed, the machine performs the cleaning cycle as follows:

  • PRE-WASH with warm water (to drain)
  • WASH with alkali solution (recirculated)
  • RINSING with warm water (to drain)
  • WASH with acid solution (recirculated)
  • RINSING with warm water (to drain)

The washing water or solution is sucked from the customer network or from its stocking tank by the washing pump, injected into the washing head at adjustable pressure between 5 to 10 bar and sucked back from a second pump. Thanks to the head motion, that covers a 360° area, the water is sprayed all over the inner tank surface. When alkali or acid solution is used the liquid is filtered and recirculated in closed loop till the end.

Rinsing Cycle

Rinsing phase is performed automatically after each wash cycle, with clean water (hot or cold), injected into the washing head.   Rinsing water is then drained to the waste water collection point.

End of cycle

At the end of the cycle the machine stops and a visual signal on the control panel informs the operator. Now the container is clean and can be removed from the machine.

Regular Maintenance

These machines are easy to run and to mantain. The machine is equipped with devices to inform the operator when maintenance is required.

Technical features
Enhanced cleaning quality

Classification IP 55
Size (L x W x H) mm 3500x2000x2300
Weight Kg 980
Machine structure AISI 304 stainless steel
Electric supply 3 phase + ground 7.5 KW
Compressed air supply 6 bar
Cycle process time Programmable via control panel
Type of tanks to be washed IBC
Washing pressure Up to 10 bar @ 47 l/min
Washing & Rinsing pump Multistage pump with inverter
Emptying pump 1” air operated double diaphragm
Filters Nr. 2 filters with stainless steel case
Washing head Controlled rotation washing head made of AISI 316L and FDA certified
Stocking tanks Not included
Safety devices IBC presence sensor

Electric protections

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