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Hot water pumpset with in-line chemical dosing

Feeds Kettles, Elevator spray bars & 2 x local chemical washdown stations

Hot water pumpset with in-line chemical dosing

H&M Disinfection Systems recently designed a hot water pumpset with neat chemical proportional in-line dosing.

The system we designed and built consists of a 7000L water tank that will heat up from ambient to 65 Degrees C in 9 hours. This may seem a long time for the water to heat up, however the reason that this system has such a long heat up time is because the site is only going to be using this cleaning system once every 24 Hours, so they do not require the huge demand that it would take to heat up the water in a quicker period of time.

The pumpset feeds 20 x kettles with both hot water and diluted chemical. This runs off an automated program. The pumpset also feeds hot water to spray bars on elevators which run for a programmed time. The 2 x washdown systems that the system feeds are used for washdown of external equipment.

You can see from the photographs included the dosing system that we built according to our customers industry specific requirements, as well as the equipment that it was designed to clean and where all of this was located.

Why Choose H & M Disinfection Systems?

At H & M Disinfection Systems we work with many companies in various industries providing reliable and accurate dosing systems that create a clean and hygienic environment. With the equipment that we design and build we will ensure that your water systems are fed the correct amount of chemicals to treat the system.

We consult with our customers to design and build dosing systems that fit perfectly with existing equipment on a company’s premises. We will transfer the dosing system to the desired location and then install and test it.

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