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Wastewater/ Effluent PH Balancing System

Wastewater/ Effluent PH Balancing System

Customer Requirements:

A lot of industrial processes produce effluent that is either too acidic or too alkaline to be safely discharged to drain. To correct the pH to make it safe to drain, a pH neutralisation system is needed.

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd recently worked on a project where our client wanted us to design and build a wastewater/effluent pH balancing system. The purpose of the system was to monitor and adjust the pH level of effluent solution in a storage tank so that it adheres to the local authorities discharge consent before being pumped to drain.

Work Carried Out:

We built a wastewater/effluent pH balancing system. Most systems are made of one or two neutralization tanks depending on the flow rate and magnitude of pH swings. With some systems, the pH must be raised or lowered for other removal processes to work correctly and the pH adjusted again before being discharged.

By using the storage tank as a buffer, we can rely on the natural neutralisation process rather than overusing chemicals with inline mixing. You can see the system that we built in the photographs attached.

Why choose H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd:

Neutralisation of wastewater can be achieved by batch treatment or continuous flow processes. At H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd we can design and build a wastewater/effluence pH balancing system that is tailored specifically to your requirements. And that can work alongside your existing equipment. We will also deliver and install the system.

There are many industries with multiple sources of wastewater that if discharged untreated will violate pH requirements. Water companies are identifying businesses that breach their pH consent because unbalanced effluent, if allowed to enter the sewer network, can erode sewer pipes. That’s why wastewater/effluent pH balancing systems are becoming essential.

If you would like to find out more about the wastewater/effluent pH balancing systems that we design and build, give us a call on 01606 49845.

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