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Portable CIP Systems for SALE or RENT

CIP system

HMD have pleasure in enclosing information regarding their CIP systems made to fit inside 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.

We have 1 of our 20ft twin tank CIP systems built and ready to use which can be either rented or bought outright.


The CIP system sets both have the following specification:

  • 1 x 20ft container
  • 1 x Lighting kit, wash basin and shower
  • 1 x Pre-rinse tank (1000L)
  • 1 x Hot Caustic/Acid tank lagged (2000L)
  • 1 x Delivery pump 40,000 L/h
  • 1 x Scavenge pump 40,000 L/h
  • 1 x Outfeed flow-meter
  • 1 x Chemical dosing pump
  • 1 x Chemical conductivity controller for the tank
  • 1 x Chemical conductivity controller for the return
  • 1 x Immersed steam plate coil
  • 1 x Steam control valve
  • 1 x Spray ball in the pre-rinse tank
  • 1 x Spray ball in the detergent tank
  • 1 x Control Panel with PLC and HMI
  • 1 x Inverter for the delivery pump
  • 1 x Inverter for the recovery pump
  • 1 x Printer
  • Program selection for tanks and lines
  • Full bunding
  • Screen to segregate the tanks and the control panel

Both these units are suitable for:

We can modify to suit specific needs.

Both CIP sets can be dispatched immediately.


The cabins will be lifted into position by the delivery vehicle’s own crane and need to be levelled on site.
The CIP systems will requite a connection of steam (direct steam supply of minimum 6 bar and 1000kg/hour) and air and 3 phase power. Modifications to site pipework and any integration into the site systems will need to be quoted for or done by others.



All materials are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse or abuse. Materials in contact with PAA, chlorine or chlorine dioxide are not covered by this warranty.

Terms of payment for purchase:

40% with order
60% on delivery


2 weeks from receipt of order.

For more information please contact Tim or email

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