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Pneumatic switch controlled washdown mother station to supply 3 x Hose reels

Pneumatic switch controlled washdown mother station to supply 3 x Hose reels

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd recently manufactured a mother station to supply hot water, cold water or dilute detergent on demand via a pneumatic switch to 3 x hose reels. What we designed enabled easy connection to the hose reels.

The Pump is controlled via an inverter which ramps up, dependant on demand. The dilute chemical is created by using a chemical injector which sucks the chemical out of a 20L drum which sits inside the mother station.

The chemical concentration is adjusted on the chemical injector. If the chemical gets to a low level a beacon will flash on the mother station which alerts you to this so that the depletion lance can be swapped over to a new drum.

You can see the mother station that we built in the photographs attached.

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