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Bespoke Factory Washdown System

Bespoke Factory Washdown System

Customer Requirements:

We were recently asked to design and build a factory washdown system. Our client needed it to supply three things – cold water (25 bar), dilute detergent (12 bar) and dilute disinfectant (12 bar) to 30 hygiene boxes (satellite stations). In addition, they specifically needed the washdown system to be able to provide enough flow to supply 10 of the hygiene boxes that were being used at any one time.

As well as having the technical specifications, we also had to build it to strict dimension tolerances in order to be able to crane lift the system into a lift shaft to be installed in the basement of the factory.

Work Carried Out:

We built the washdown system to supply the required amount of cold water, dilute detergent, and dilute disinfectant to the hygiene boxes. Because of the exacting dimension tolerances required to crane lift the system into place, we designed and made a more compact unit than we would normally build but which was still maintainable for servicing.


As you can see from the photographs included, we were able to build a system that could be lifted down the lift shaft and into position in the basement. While not a standard build we were able to include everything that our clients asked for, within the dimensions required and delivered on time.

Why Choose H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd:

Maintaining a hygienic environment is essential in a factory and effective and efficient cleaning is a vital part of this. Many companies that we work with require a bespoke cleaning system that is designed and built to fit their cleaning requirements. This can include factors such as the pressure and flow of the cleaning water or the type of chemicals and cleaning attachments needed. We can accommodate these and more.

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd lead the way in designing, building and installing cleaning systems to specifically meet our clients’ requirements. If you have specifications that mean we need to change the size or shape of what we would ordinarily build, we can accommodate these, tailoring our services to fit around the location it is being placed in.

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