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Factory Washdown System

Inside Container

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd were recently asked to install a mobile contained pumpset for factory washdown. As you can see from the photographs, a cabin was installed which neatly and efficiently housed the pumpset. Some of the pictures show the inside once completed as well as the rear of the cabin.

Why use HMD

H & M Disinfection Ltd has the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and requirements. As a result, we design and build innovative and effective bespoke cleaning systems. We work with the dimensions that you give us in order to tailor the system to your needs.

What are advantages to the customer

Many of the production processes and cleaning processes within industry use vast amounts of energy and water and therefore cost control and optimisation are of major importance. H & M Disinfection Ltd will help you to effectively clean and disinfect all types of processing equipment.

In this instance, the pumpset supplies pressurized hot water and diluted chemicals to the internal factory hygiene stations for manual cleaning. This ensures ease of maintenance.

Benefits of the container

  • As it is a fully contained unit it can be fully tested and commissioned in the workshop before taking it to site.
  • Its portability means it is easily transported, moved or re – sited should a new location be required.
  • More secure and can be moved to a location with adequate room.

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