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Hot Water Pump Set

H & M Disinfection Systems Ltd recently designed a hot water pump set to supply a factory with 22 Bar of hot water to its hygiene stations. The system has been designed to have its own water heating system which consists of a plate heat exchanger which uses the local steam to heat up the pumped cold water that runs through it. As this water continually circulates the water temperature will rise to the required temperature. Once it reaches the required temperature it will be pumped through the water ring main to the hygiene drop points.

This system had to be specially designed so that it could be lifted with a crane and lowered down into the roof space onto structural beams that were in the floor. In order to do this, we had to ensure that the pump set would not exceed a specific weight for it to be safe up there in the roof space and to ensure that the strengthened legs would sit nicely on to the structural beams at the correct measurements. We had to work to strict measurement tolerances to ensure that the pump set was fit for purpose and was able to be maintained and controlled with ease by an operator.

See attached photos of the pump set wrapped up during lift and post lift.

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