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Bellshill Tanker CIP

Bellshill Tanker CIP

HMD was recently approached by a company in the food and drinks industry who asked us to build the Bellshill Tanker CIP. It was built in a 40 ft containerized system and consisted of two cleaning tanker bay areas.

The CIP system was designed and built in our workshops and then once the container was in place on site the CIP system was then installed in it. Each of the two bay areas were built to have a total automated cleaning time of 20 minutes. For ease and speed, we design systems that are fast and efficient.

We can also adapt the CIP systems we build to accommodate what you already have on site. For example, with this particular unit, it was designed to use site steam.

The steam runs through our plate heat exchanger in order to heat the Detergent Tank, along with other incoming services such as water, air and neat Chemical. Using a plate heat exchanger means that whatever passes through the plates are exposed to a much larger surface area which means they heat more quickly.

We use a variety of control instrumentation within the container to control the CIP with every instrument having a feedback to our HMI.

You can see what was involved in building and installed the Bellshill Tanker CIP from the

See attached photos of the pump set wrapped up during lift and post lift.

Why Choose HMD?

At HMD we always work closely with our clients to get a thorough understanding of their needs. Based on the systems in place, we consistently find design solutions, building bespoke automated CIP systems that are tailored to the size of your site and your products.

Every CIP system that we design and build in our workshops in Northwich complies with the latest BRC Food Safety Scheme. The systems we build are also always easy to use and offer advanced cleaning control.

What are the advantages of a CIP System?

  • It’s fully self-contained
  • It can be built and tested in our workshop reducing time setting up on site, making it more efficient for the client
  • The CIP systems we build are portable making them easy to transport. They can be moved between sites if a company relocates
  • Controls are always in place to ensure that cleaning is consistent

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